Care Guide


All pieces are made with food, microwave, and dishwasher safe materials. Handwashing is suggested to prolong the life of your piece. Thermal shock and cracking may occur, it is reccomended to limit microwave use.

Stained Glass


Stained glass works contain lead unless explicitly labeled as "lead-free." Finished lead works are safe for you to have in your home, but please wash your hands after handeling your piece. Keep away from small children aswell.


Apply a small amount of glass polish to a rag, that will help restore the piece to its original shine. Though some ware of the patina is normal as time goes on. DO NOT use any harsh household cleaners on stained glass work, especially if pieces have hand-painted details. This could cause permanent damage to the piece.


Suction cups are not reccomended hanging even the smallest of stained glass work. Instead use cup or eye hooks to suspend the work in windows or picture hooks on walls.


Please store your jewlery in a dry place. It's suggested that you do not wear your jewlery in water. Allowing all perfumes or lotions to dry down before wearing can prolong the life of your piece.



All works are being shipped from Baltimore, MD. Local delivery is avalible with in a 5 mile radius. All orders will ship USPS or UPS within 5 business days.

Damaged Items & Returns:

If any item arrives damaged or defective, please contact me within 7 days of receving your order and you will be entitled to a refund or replacment with a similar item. Any other questions or concerns please contact me at You are responsible for packaging and shipping cost to return the item.